A close friend of mine took his life last week. This is the third time in 16 months a loved one has taken his/her life. We must carry the love and make a difference, people. 

IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE is the FOTM at Jivamukti Yoga this month. My dear teacher Sharon Gannon writes some really profound things like: “ Otherness disappears as you see your own Self in others, revealing that only Love is real.”

Sharon also has another profound teaching: “WITH GREAT LOVE ALL IS POSSIBLE.” Now what i have come to learn in my life is the following, with great love all is forgiven. With great love all is achievable. With great love even a broken heart gets to live and love. With great love in your heart you can handle anything. With great love we heal the world and others.

Your heart is what keeps you alive. Its at the centre of your body. As long as the heart ticks, you tick. I have learned a few valuable lessons the last few years and one of them is that you must carry love in your heart, with that love you can handle any given situation in your life because you look at it with love. Carrying hate in your heart only means you see more hate and you see it everywhere, it means that all you do, all you see, all you create is from a place of hate. In this place it’s dark and lonely. Low self esteem, self-hate, depression, anxiety, fear, a lot of these feelings and emotions create such discomfort and create a total disconnect with ourselves and the world. Hate drives people mad, it creates wars and massacres, it has never done anyone any good. ONLY LOVE IS REAL. Only love will end wars, only love will bring people together as one, only love will set us all free. Let’s do a small exercise together. I invite you all to focus on the heart, place both your hands on your heart, close your eyes, think of the colour green and chant: YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YAM YA YA YAM YA YA YAM YA YA YAM YA YA YAM YA YA YAM YA YA YAM YA YA YAM YA YA YAM YAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMM. Check Sharon's chakra balancing video HERE with this chant.

Channeling the chakra energy the heart gives you. Now the next step is to focus just on your heart, the beating of the heart, this beat keeps you alive. You are alive! Focus on your breathe, you breathe, you are alive! Feel the love in you heart. Let go of any feelings of discomfort, sadness, hate, grief, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, even hate. Silently say on your INHALE: ONLY LOVE and on your EXHALE: IS REAL. Repeat this.

Feels good right? To just have love in your heart. To let that be your only focus, your only drive, your only energy. Look at others through the eyes of someone who only perceives others in the light of love. Perceive yourself only with the light of love. Look at this world only with the light of love. Know that love is not something you look for, it is something you become and when you become it, you spread it. We have a duty of care in this world. Every single one of us, that duty of care is to LOVE. Unconditionally. To express that love, to look after one another. To serve others with nothing but pure love. So then if their contract ends, you know you have served them well, you know that you have given them and this world your love, your devotion, your everything. Carry the love with you wherever you go and don’t discriminate, every single soul is worthy of your love. Smile at strangers, be of service, look out and after each other, you might actually start to see that you have become part of a whole new universe and that universe is of course LOVE.

Karo started her career as a performer, one day her true mission to make the world a better place just took over, she started working for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2012, which inspired her to write her own vegan cookbook. She works as a vegan chef, makes her own vegan cheese (GOPAL VEGAN CHEESE) and also works as an animal rights activist and Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. Karo’s classes are dynamic and energetic with a smashing play-list, teachings drawn from her own life experience and work as an animal rights activist. Karo has taught weekly classes for about two years in Sydney, Australia, she has also toured internationally teaching all over the world and is now based in Lisbon, where she teaches weekly classes at FOODPRINTZ CAFE her own vegan cafe in the heart of Lisbon.