In the Jivamukti Yoga FOTM (focus of the month) Yogeswari writes: “compassion is often deeply understood through great suffering and spiritual challenges.” This is indeed true. I am about to open my very own vegan cafe & yoga basement in the heart of Lisbon with my dear friend and partner in crime Lisa Dickmann: FOODPRINTZ CAFE. A huge milestone in my life, i have given up so much for this, worked so hard for this and through it all accomplished so much already, i cannot wait for us to open. A new adventure, a new phase in my life. With pain in my heart this milestone will be without the physical presence of my father, who himself had the dream of starting his own restaurant. The sudden loss of my father has had an incredible effect on me, i feel in my heart exactly what Yogeswari writes, understanding compassion through the hardship. My dear friend & soul sister Vee who is suffering with her own grief but yet always brings such light to me wrote me:

“That is amazing about your cafe my soul-sister. Well done and congratulations. How proud your dad is of you. His warrioress daughter, through the pain of his departure you have strived onwards. Hes with you. Hes giving you the strength. Hes loving you and oozing love and joy around you ms. Karo.”

That’s it, through the pain you gain. I know my dad would be incredibly proud of me achieving a dream he also had, my dad and i always talked about his dream of starting a Dutch restaurant in Australia called: ROOTS OF AMSTERDAM. I have now decided that i will publish a small zine with that title for his birthday on the 18th of October and the zine will be for sale in our cafe and my website. In dedication to the man who chased his dreams and encouraged me to do the same.

Always here with me.

Karo started her career as a performer, one day her true mission to make the world a better place just took over, she started working for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2012, which inspired her to write her own vegan cookbook. She works as a vegan chef, makes her own vegan cheese (GOPAL VEGAN CHEESE) and also works as an animal rights activist and Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. Karo’s classes are dynamic and energetic with a smashing play-list, teachings drawn from her own life experience and work as an animal rights activist. Karo has taught weekly classes for about two years in Sydney, Australia, she has also toured internationally teaching all over the world and is now based in Lisbon, where she teaches weekly classes at FOODPRINTZ CAFE her own vegan cafe in the heart of Lisbon.