2016...... 3 more days of this year which was full of grief, pain, suffering, death, mud and more mud. BUT it was also in all that mud, in all that grief a year of such learning, so much growth, so much self growth, so much reflection, so much love, so much about resting and understanding what inner healing truly means. To all of you who have supported me through this horrific times i went through this year i say THANK YOU! I bow to you all for believing in me, for having my back, for understanding and seeing things i was not able to see.... but now with 17 (thank FUCK for 17) just around the corner i can see it all..... oh sweet 17..... i embrace you with my arms wide open!


3 more days. Time for some reflection, for looking back. To be honest sometimes i think how the hell did i pulled through, how the hell did i survive this intense, hardcore, death year? My dearest teacher Sharon Gannon, who i consider one of the wisest beings on this planet says it so well: "WITH GREAT LOVE ALL IS POSSIBLE" and it is that great love which pulled me through, which pulled me out of that mud. I remember holding my dad's hand for the very last time, looking at his beautiful face for the last time, being in the room with him for the very last time all i felt was..... LOVE of the most purest, of the most REAL kind. That love is not gone just because his body is gone. That love is always there, everyday. It is that great love that pulled me through crisis after crisis this year, especially the financial ones, it's that love that opened my eyes, my heart, my arms. That love is always there at the core.


And here i sit, in a beautiful space i co-created from the bottom of my heart with my best friend Lisa Dickmann, we are creating LOVE here, we are spreading LOVE here. Every breathe i take is for the animals always, so no matter what i am going through, mo matter what sad sub story i tell myself, the animals need me and for that i roll out of bed everyday at 5.30am, for that i stand on my feet all day everyday, for that i LIVE!

Because indeed with great love all is possible, the impact we are having with FOODPRINTZ CAFE only in the 5 weeks that we have existed is INCREDIBLE! The impact i all by myself am having with GOPAL VEGAN CHEESE is total madness and i am so proud of how far i have come in this year, through it all. So i say 17...... we are going to rock this. For the animals. For my dad. For the LOVE!!!!!!!!!!



Karo started her career as a performer, one day her true mission to make the world a better place just took over, she started working for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2012, which inspired her to write her own vegan cookbook. She works as a vegan chef, makes her own vegan cheese (GOPAL VEGAN CHEESE) and also works as an animal rights activist and Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. Karo’s classes are dynamic and energetic with a smashing play-list, teachings drawn from her own life experience and work as an animal rights activist. Karo has taught weekly classes for about two years in Sydney, Australia, she has also toured internationally teaching all over the world and is now based in Lisbon, where she teaches weekly classes at FOODPRINTZ CAFE her own vegan cafe in the heart of Lisbon.