NEW! Online Pregnancy Course on Jivamukti Yoga Digital

by Jivamukti Editorial Team |

We are so excited to announce that as of May 9, 2021, Jivamukti Yoga Digital will launch a Pregnancy Course to expand our digital offerings to include practices and knowledge for yogi mamas to be!

Price: $399*
*Special offers for JY Teachers and JY Digital Members to be sent via email!


The course offers modification clips for the most commonly taught āsana groups in a vinyasa based yoga class for pregnant practitioners that already had regular practice pre pregnancy and teachers who want to become more confident when it comes to working with pregnant students.
The course is geared toward instructing students and teachers how to modify a Jivamukti Yoga Open class safely for all stages of pregnancy. Introductions to the modification clips are covering general information about the specific group of āsanas and the following clip will give guidance on how to practice them safely.
The course will be summed up by a Jivamukti Yoga Open class that is modified for all stages of pregnancy, incorporating the modifications taught in the clips before as a blueprint for a possibility to put together a class with the previously taught modifications.
As an add on, there is a prenatal Yoga Class, taught by Rebecca Callahan that is also suitable for people who didn’t have a strong vinyasa based practice pre pregnancy.


At the end of this workshop participants will:
1) Understand some of the hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy
2) Explain why hormonal changes might impact a yoga practice
3) Understand and describe the musculoskeletal changes that occur in pregnancy
4) Appreciate the musculoskeletal changes in pregnancy as they relate to a yogic practice
5) Understand some of the basic changes with pregnancy to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
6) Learn some of the nutritional concerns in pregnancy and how a vegan diet meets those needs


Anatomy and Physiology Content by Dr Lori Zucker:

1) Overview of Endocrine changes that occur in the body and how they are related to a yoga practice
2) In depth look at musculoskeletal changes and the impact on yoga practice
3) Brief overview of impact of pregnancy on cardiac, respiratory, renal and gastro-intestinal system and how they might relate to a yoga practice.
4) A look at vegan nutrition in pregnancy


Bonus! Live Event

Live Q&A on Zoom with Martyna and Lori Saturday June 19th 12pm EST, 6pm CET