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Yoga has been part of my live since 2002. After yers of practice, i started to feel urge to share my love for yoga with others, to pass my compation for everything that yoga has to offer. 2012 i have compleated my first 200hrs teacher training with South Boston Yoga and in 2015 i fulfilled my dream in passing 300hrs Jivamukti Yoga Certification.

My yoga are sessions are are playful, challenging and uplifting, and create a supportive foundation for the attendance to feel balanced, energized and confident on and off the mat. Focused on the integration of breath and movement (Vinyasa), a typical session includes music, lively energy, vigourous asana (posture), spiritual insight, meditation, and a lot of fun. Her goal is for practitioner to leave feeling balanced, energized and at peace.

Petra says, „I practice because I have to. When I practice I’m able to move through my life with a bit more grace and ease. Practicing and studying yoga influences the way that I relate to the world and the relationships that I have. It makes me feel healthy, energized, and more balanced both physically and mentally. My inspiration comes from the people around me. Whether it’s having a dinner with new people and trying to see the world through their eyes, or practicing with an experienced master who shows me a new paths, there is inspiration all around us. Remembering how very little we really know and understand, keeps me open to fresh, open to new ideas and hopefully living a little bit more fully, present, and conscious every day.“

I gratefull to all my present and past teacher, who spark the yoga fire inside of me. I bowing to the feet of my teachers  David Jí and Sharon Jí for creating Jivamukti Yoga method and for endless inspiration.

etra is a certified Vinyasa yoga (South Boston Yoga) and Jivamukti Yoga (NYC) teacher.

Practicing yoga since 2001, Petra is known for her uniqself expression (never forgets to smile); her classes are spiritual & inspirational where she connects the physical and mystical aspects of yoga.

She teaches a strong flow of Jivamukti Vinyasa (linking movement with breath) while playing spiritual and uplifting music. With the help of scripture, chanting, meditation, and intentional breathing – we begin to align the body, mind and spirit to create the inner journey towards healing and empowerment. Petra celebrates the yoga teachings in everyday life.

Expect clear direction, strong hands-on assistance  & great music in Petra’s classes. Gratitude for sitting at the feet of amazing teachers, fuels her passion for passing on this yoga practice, which is both hip and holy. Thank you Sharon Ji and David Ji for creating the Jivamukti method. Urban Yo ga by

200hrs South Boston Yoga, 300hrs Jivamukti Yoga Certification

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