Ira Natalie Ziegelwanger

800 Hour

Ira believes that a yoga practice is an amazing way to deepen the connection to your inner self, the body, the community, and the divine. She is more than thankful to pop into a Jivamukti Yoga Class few years ago! Since this day Ira is practicing daily, practicing to be a better person, to be a kind and a conscious person in her everyday life.

Humbled by the heart opening aspects of practice, she teaches from her own experience she wants to give back and share what yoga means for her. To feel empowerd whole and perfect as you are. In her classes she encourages people to move with intention, to love, to go inward, to feel, to be strong and present in the actual moment with a curiosity of every breath.

Honoring roots, she is absorbing the traditonal scriptures to learn from it and pass it on. She is grateful for Sharon and David for bringing Jivamukti in this world, blessed by her mentor Petros Haffenrichter who kindly guided and encouraged her through an transforming 800h aprenticeship, and all other beautiful teachers, family, friends and people who a around her to make it real.

Ira is lucky and thankful to teach Jivamukti classes at Jivamukti Center Munich/Germany.



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