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For Bloggers: How to Post Blogs...

by Jivamukti

Directions for bloggers on using our new blogging system


Music and Yoga

by Jessica Stickler

"In order to transcend time, we must first become a master of timing, we must become musical." --Sharon Gannon


Food and Spirit

by Victoria Moran

The yogis of ancient India looked into the matter of food and spirituality in great depth. Why modern-day yogis should follow their example..

Sacred Texts

Keeping The Company of Sound

by Manorama

When we hang out with the lasting continuance of energy found in the mantras, we get to feel ourselves as lasting and eternal.


Bollywood in Munich

by Sean Dinsmore

BOLLYWOOD IN MUNICH. This piece was originally written in summer 2002, after performing with Sharon Gannon at Club Pasha in Munich, Germany.

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