Yoga Practice

Mirrors and the Moon

by Nancy Siy

As we progress in our practice, we start to peel away the layers of delusions we have about ourselves. We become the mirror. We become the moon.

Sacred Texts

How kindness wins a yogi's heart

by Paola Couture

The story of a woman, a man, a dog, and a taco.


If You Breathe You Are a Singer

by Kelly Britton

“All God’s creatures have a place in the choir, some sing lower, some sing higher, some sing out loud on the telephone wire..." ...“ - Bill Staines


Sharon Gannon's Pumpkin Recipes

by Sharon Gannon

Pumpkin Soup & Pumpkin Scones from Sharon Gannon's upcoming cookbook "Simple Recipes for Joy".

Everything Else

Time Poem

by Sharon Gannon

A poem about time by Jivamukti Yoga co-founder Sharon Gannon

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