2013 Tribe Gathering: Dissolving Karma for the New Year

What better way is there then to start the new year off in the presence of our dear teachers and to be able to spend it in satsang with our community? The 2013 Jivamukti Tribal Gathering is just that event.

A holy vision in white, Sharon-ji, commenced the Tuesday Master Class with a reminder that we come together in Satsang and in Asana practice as a means of sharing our light with each other. Sharon is a beacon of light as she inspires us to understand the importance of asana to purify our physical and energetic bodies and to help us to release blockages in the chakras where we hold the store of past karmas. As Sharon gracefully moved us through each asana, we were guided on how to release those past karmas in areas such as our hips and lower back. We also learned how powerful a tool Salamba Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) is for restoring our connection to ourselves. Accompanied by some meditative classical music and chanting by Donna DeLory and Krishna Das, Sharon reinforced the universal power of the vibration behind Mantra and the way in which it is bestowed upon the student from their teacher.

In satsang, Sharon led us in a discussion on “kindness, compassion and alleviating gossip and other harmful karmic patterns.” As she reminded us of Einstein’s theory that space is curved and that the karma we put out into the universe will undoubtedly make its way back to us. As Sharon-ji notes, “You will feel real bliss when you make the decision NOT to engage in hurtful gossip. It is transformative.”

Sharon-ji also encourages us to be compassionate in our “fight” to alleviate the suffering of animals. She reminds us that it is crucial to NOT put more hate and anger out into the universe as it only creates more of the same. As Sharon-ji says, “Only love will heal pain and suffering. Only love.” She warns not to spend time hating on others who are fur-wearing, but to use education, knowledge and compassion to affect change. She asks us, “Are you angry with the animals that are trapped? No, you have compassion for them. Use that compassion to make real change.”

With these beautiful tools shared by Sharon-ji we have been empowered to walk forward this year in love and make a real difference in the lives of all sentient beings. What a beautiful year it is going to be!