Caterina Hernandez-Quilla

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Cat began practising yoga over 14 years ago and teaching over 9 years. Cat found yoga relieved her stressful, creative architectural mind that led to a more positive mental state. Yoga helped heal her spinal disc herniation, that felt like a miracle. Practising a Himalayan Chakra meditation, travelling and studying yogic sacred philosophy from South America, Mexico, New York, Europe and India, led to creating multi-dimensional healing practices.

Cat’s vinyasa classes are dynamic, includes spiritual teachings, chanting, pranayama, hands-on assists, meditation and uplifting heavenly music. Cat emphasise meditation and observation, that guide you to find an inner divinity and sanctuary. Teaching to various ages in the community from privates to kirtans (sacred chanting) and yoga with sound healings. She holds chakra balancing workshops and retreats In Sydney.

Cat is grateful for all her teacher’s teachings as inspired from Sharon Gannon and David Life especially for the teaching that ‘love is the cure to everything, the cure to all pains in this life’.

Cat is still exploring and learning the amazing ways yoga creates spaces for healing, for unconditional love which is so needed in our culture and in everyone's life no matter who or where they're from. 

BA Interior Architecture UNSW Sydney Australia
'Our Mother Earth, In the Spirit of Architecture' - by Caterina H. Quilla, B.A. Interior Architecture Dissertation, Faculty of the Built Environment, UNSW Library, 2001

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Sydney NSW


Electronic music, mantras spiritually infused live music, Blissful Sounds Kirtan, Cat plays harmonium, crystal singing and Tibetan bowls for her yoga sound healings.
Sci-fi, Avant Garde, Documentaries on social and environmental sustainability

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