Laila Thaw

800 Hour

When Laila first arrived in NY in 1999, a friend told her: “Go to Jivamukti Yoga, it will change your life.” it took a few years, but eventually she made it to the studio on Lafayette. She has been a practitioner since 2002 and a teacher since 2013.

Strong belief in “living while liberated”, the meaning of Jivan-mukta, is the driving force behind all her teachings. Playfulness is key. Strength and flexibility mix to create balance and harmony. Music moves and harmonizes.  Breath brings life. Relaxation is as important as movement.

Drawing from her experience working in TV/Film production and writing for magazines, she aspires to create a comprehensive experience in each of her classes that will engage all the five senses, and elevate the heart and the mind.

Laila is also certified as a prenatal and restorative yoga teacher.

BA in English Language and Literature, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Currently studying Aromatherapy and Flower Essences

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New York, NY
United States