Michael Reynolds


Michael began teaching yoga in Michigan in 2008 and completed Jivamukti teacher training in 2011. He currently lives in New York City, where he teaches at the Jivamukti Yoga School — NYC and the Jivamukti Yoga Center — New Jersey. In the tradition of his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, Michael crafts his classes and workshops to bring the full experience of yoga to everyone in the room. His classes call upon music, chanting, humor, challenging sequencing, and the alchemical science of yoga asana to bring students closer to their true identity.

“Our tradition teaches us that sound is God–Nada Brahma. That is, musical sound and the musical experience itself are steps to the realization of the Self” – Ravi Shankar.

Everything that exists in this realm vibrates– everything is sound. God is sound. God is everything. That is all.

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New York, NY
United States


Crosby, Stills, & Nash; Emancipator; Natalie Merchant; Tool
Legacy of Luna by Julia Butterfly Hill; Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns by Andrea Gibson

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