Paul Steinberg

300 Hour

Paul spent the first 14 years of his professional life as a corporate tax lawyer and then moved into law firm management as the director of the legal personnel department of his law firm. After 5 years in that role, he retired to explore what else life had to offer. Almost immediately, the yoga practice he had recently begun took off, and he quickly found himself immersed in yoga study and practice. One year later, he spent the entire month of August at the Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary Ashram taking daily workshops with Sharon Gannon and David Life. During that month, Paul transitioned to veganism, which, next to being an uncle to his many nieces and nephews, he views as the single most meaningful thing he has done in his life. The next year (in 2008) he became a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and he now teaches yoga a little but spends most of his time working with Sharon and David on their writing projects as editor and general helper. Paul also has a practice in two forms of energy healing--BioGeometry and Matrix Energetics.

B.A. (Oberlin; Chinese Language); J.D. (Columbia Law School); M.S.W. (N.Y.U. School of Social Work)

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New York, NY
United States


The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami, by Radhanath Swami