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Tina or Ma Tejo Anand as her  indian teacher Guruji calls her, was born and raised in Germany. She started working in Tourism and as a Bilingual Secretary but soon knew that she was looking for a different career. In 2003 she started her Physical Education Studies, took her first Yoga Class and signed up immediately for her first Yoga Teacher Training. Since then she continues to study and shares her experience with others. She has worked and lived in Germany, Greece, Costa Rica, USA, Switzerland, on Cruiseships, Kuwait and till today in Catania, Sicily.

Tina is deeply grateful for every Teacher and Student that has come into her life and leads her on her spiritual path. 

Tina owns the studio LIVE LOVE LAUGH YOGA in Catania, Sicily where she teaches daily Jivamukti Yoga and monthly Bhakti Yoga. Throughout the year she teaches also at the local Female Prison, collects donations through YOGACTION for local homeless people and organizes Yoga Experiences at Sea or in beautiful locations in Sicily, Workshops and invites Guest Teachers to share their knowledge with the local Yogis.  

"Yoga is my philosophy of life, my faith, my passion I want to share. Yoga helps me everyday to be in peace and happy and that is what I would like to share with others. How everybody integrates Yoga into their life is very personal and should not be judged. There should be no competition between Yoga Teachers or different Yoga Schools, Yoga is for everybody and can be interpreted and lived according to each one's needs and possibilities. Every Yoga Teacher should have a deep knowledge of the ancient texts and the roots of Yoga to keep the real meaning and the spirit of Yoga alive! Spreading the light of Yoga helps to make the world a better place. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. I bow to my teachers, my family, my friends and every single Yogi who gives me a chance to teach and be taught. Thank you, Grazie, Danke!"

Tina Mundelsee - Ma Tejo Anand


Yoga Vidya, Germany - Certified Yoga Teacher (Shivananda)-------- Paramanand University, India - Certified Yoga Therapist - local affiliate in Sicily------- Karma Kids Yoga, New York - Certified Kids Yoga Teacher-------- Jivamukti Yoga, New York - Certified Yoga Teacher-------- Circus Yoga, Boston - Ring 1 and 2 Circus Yoga Teacher Training------ David Newman, USA - Kirtan College--------- Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, USA - Kirtan College------- Workshops & Immersions with: Sharon Gannon, Jules Febre, Yogeshwari, Lady Ruth, Manju Pattabhi Jois, Bhagavan Das....---------- IST, Germany - Health and Fitness Instructor - Physical Education - Personal Trainer-------- AFPA, USA - Pre and Post Natal Training Specialist

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