Good Sex

February, 2014

Good Sex article in Red Flag Magazine

Red Flag Magazine Issue No. 8 | ANIMALS

VeganOk Spiritual Award 2012

December, 2012

Article on Italian web site about Sharon Gannon receiving Vegan OK Award and promoting Viver lo Yoga, the Italian translation of Yoga and Vegetarianism.

Jivamukti Yoga

April, 2005

An interview with Sharon Gannon & David Life — the "High Priests of Vegan Yoga Chic."

The Power of Yoga

April, 2001

Time Magazine presents a 10-page article covering the rising interest in yoga in 2001, beginning with the popularity of yoga amongst stars such as Jivamukti practitioner Christie Turlington. The article goes on to explore yoga's apparent ability to heal disease and physical discomfort, citing studies by Dr. Dean Ornish, amongst others.

David Life & Sharon Gannon

June, 2002

The June 2002 Yoga Journal featured a photo of Sharon & David on the cover and a single-page feature on page 75 of the magazine.

Published Articles

Articles in the media featuring Jivamukti Yoga and our co-founders Sharon Gannon & David Life