Jessica Stickler

Jessica completed 800+ hours teaching certification through Jivamukti Teacher Training program, and received advanced certification in January 2010. She teaches the Jivamukti method internationally, and serves as a mentor in the apprenticeship program for Jivamukti Teachers. She would like to thank all of her holy teachers, especially Sharon, David, Ganeshdas, Narayani, Jules, and Satyavira. Yoga is not for the faint of heart! The most counter-cultural, radical, and important thing you can do to dismantle the present culture is to discover who you truly are and to be present in love. Compassion is radical action!

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Twitter: @YogaStickler

Don't miss LIVE MUSIC YOGA CLASSES, every FRIDAY at 8pm at Jivamukti Union Square, NYC!
Coming up:
5th - Stephanie Carlin, singer/songwriter
12th - Salieu Suso, Kora
19th - TBD
26th - Matt Wiviot, chinese harp

3rd - Kirsten McCord, ambient cello
10th - Peter Heatley, DJ Set
17th - Bhrigu Sahni, guitarist and composer

Certification: Advanced

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Green is the New Red - Will Potter. Why we love dogs, eat cows, and wear pigs - Melanie Joy.

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