Pashupa Goodwin

I am Pashupa. My name means 'protector of the animals'. In 1996 I became a vegan for ethical reasons, a path turned into a spiritual journey that led me to yoga. In 2009 I moved to New Orleans after a relationship ended, and found my beautiful Jivamukti teachers - Michele Baker, Keith Porteous and Libby Bryant. My yoga practice accelerated and the broken pieces of my heart created space for a much larger manifestation of love.

In 2011, with no money in my bank account and a deep desire to help others, I decided to become a Jivamukti teacher. I put all of my faith in the universe and 3 months later she delivered me to the Jivamukti teacher training, and found my Satsang. Returning to New Orleans, I taught as many classes as I could and quickly found my voice and passion for teaching.

During my time in New Orleans I heard that Jivamukti was looking for a web editor for their new web site, and I applied. On Mardi Gras day of 2012, I got a call from Jivamukti NYC with news that Sharon Gannon wanted to interview me for the job. On Ash Wednesday I logged in to Skype to see my guru in front of me. This life has a dream-like quality; nothing I can write can express my bliss and gratitude that day as I was offered this job. To find one's dharma is a deep blessing.

I believe that all is one. I believe we are about to change the world. You and I, through our skillful means. Swaha!

Certification: 300-Hour
Degrees: BFA in Fine Art Photography from RIT
Publications: Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs (14 of my photographs in a beautiful coffee table book)

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