Jivamukti Yoga Event

FREE! Bhakti Ecstasy with Nitya and Ninad
Location:  Jivamukti Yoga Center New York, New York, NY, United States
Price: free
Kirtan and bhakti are a natural way of sinking in who we really are and letting go of all the rest. To connect ourself to the alive presence of Love is the most powerful medicine we have. Taste the true essence of Kirtan and devotional singing of India offered by Nitya & Ninad, let yourself join this strong and clear calling to meet in sacred singing and
grow in awareness and devotion.
Nitya & Ninad met with a love for freedom, truth, and beauty so similar that it made them recognize each other and become life companions. Soon they began offering to others the experience of chanting mantras as a direct way to the heart of existence, and then allowing the energy that comes from that to expand into all dimensions of daily life. Over the years they brought their music in concerts, workshops and festivals in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Denmark, United States and of course in Italy, their country of origin. They love to share this dimension with other people, amazed by how kirtan elevates the soul and fills their lives with so many understandings and blessings. In 2015 they received recognition from the main distributor of spiritual music in Europe, Silenzio, and Gurudev is their new released album.