Free Community Livestream Open Class with Anne-Sophie Fenner, 300HR Online JYTT Graduate
From:  March 13, 2021
To:  March 13, 2021
Location:  Zoom at 12:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm CET⁠⁠
Price: Free

Practice with the new 300HR TT Graduates – and learn more about the world-renowned Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training! ⁠We have planned a FREE CLASS WEEKLY (at least) through April — they will teach a mix of Open and other Jivamukti offerings you know and love! ⁠

This week, Anne-Sophie Fenner will teach a 75 Minute Jivamukti Yoga Vinyasa Flow. The focus of this class is on “balance“. Mindfully and in a steady rhythm we align breath and movement to explore the connection between body, mind, soul and balance. We are at our best when we feel balanced, both emotionally and mentally. The steady flow of the asanas is calming, promotes harmony and facilitates our breathing. A natural rhythm in our body-and breath-movement lets us experience a sensation of “being-balanced and calm“. It is in this state, that we most likely enter the meditative state and thus get in touch with our true nature.

Anne-Sophie has been a professional dancer, choreographer and dance teacher for more than 30 years. At age 34 she was introduced to meditation which began her journey towards Yoga. Teaching Yoga further expresses her dedication to uncovering the connection between our heartbeats and the rhythm of the universe. Her teaching is driven by her love for movement and its individual expression.