Jivamukti Yoga Event

Reconnect with Yourself Jivamukti Yoga Retreat at Mu Bungalows in Bali with Katinka Krabiell
From:  April 11, 2020
To:  April 11, 2020
Location:  Mu Bungalows Bingin Beach Bali 80364 Indonesia
Price: from 1520 Euro

9 Days Yoga Retreat on Bali at the beautiful Mu Bungalows!

Depth, joy, inner peace, being balanced, feeling connected, courage, challenge, love, happiness, relaxation and being in a state where nothing is missing … All this is Yoga.
Yoga means arriving, feeling a deep connection to oneself and to life, to be in the now and to get out of our thought “monkey mind”.
Where could this happened better than on the island of the gods? Where the holy yoga gods & goddesses Ganesha, Shiva, Hanuman, Kali, Lakshmi and co. are the natural friends of everyday life.
But not only the culture and the faith of the locals make Bali so special, here is the yoga spirit at home. An exciting world awaits us between lifestyle, great cafes, healthy food and the local, traditional way of life. Bali enchanted! Bali makes you happy!

About the Retreat: Reconnect with yourself

Yoga is a tool to create harmony and harmony with yourself and everything. However, we often find it difficult to be authentic in everyday life and to recognize our true needs. This is sometimes due to the incredible possibilities we have. Yoga helps us to feel depth and to connect with our true self. Nine days of yoga and topics that will help you more and more to come to an understanding of true being.

What’s waiting for you!

  • heart touching yoga
  • Life – feel free!
  • Paradise – enjoy!
  • Sun, beach and sea – what more do you need?
  • Relax – arriving
  • Breathe – reconnect
  • Just be!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to come here, or have you been looking for the right place to make a deep experience with yourself? The right place for joy, happiness and, at the same time, contemplation and energy? Now time and place have come.

Together we spend 9 days in the beautiful and exclusive Mu Bungalows Resort on Bali in Bingen Beach.

The resort is just fantastic and a blast even without the flair of this great island. Lovingly landscaped garden invites you to linger, enjoy and relax.
Located in Bingin Beach on the beautiful Bukit peninsula / Uluwatu, the bungalows are located on a beautiful, spacious property right on the cliffs. The surfing beach can be reached in 5-10 minutes.

The complex is heavenly and offers plenty of peace and space to relax and enjoy. The infinity pool faces the sea and there are small cabins with daybeds everywhere. The Yogashala is completely open and offers a breathtaking view of the sea.

But have a look for yourself, what awaits you.