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The Journey

Everyday Jivamukti Yoga -Biodynamic Breathwork – Meditations 

Come celebrate this New Year with an invitation to transcend your mind, connect with your unlimited potential, cradled in the arms of Mother India.

This retreat is an invitation to transcend our mind . Through the practice of Yoga Biodynamic Breathwork and different types of Meditations we will examine all of our limiting/negative beliefs, especially the ones which begins with What are your stories/beliefs around money? Around relationship? Around happiness? etc. How do we Question every single limiting belief that we have ? .Are they really true? Who says so? Where did they come from? Do they serve you? You will start to see that your limiting beliefs are not based on reality.  That the “facts” that you used to create the beliefs are not facts at all, just interpretations of the facts through your personal reality filter.  

You will start to see clearly how you create your own limitations through your belief systems And have new tools to create a new reality.

This trip is reserved to a small group so we can preserve our intimacy , and a safe container to access our deepest truth. We ask that we travel through South India without expectations or  judgments , and with reverence . 

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