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Jivamukti Event

Sound Bath + Reiki with Hiko Konami & Kelly Keefe

From: May 4, 2018 8:30 pm

To: May 4, 2018 9:30 pm

Location: Jivamukti Yoga Center New York, New York, NY, USA

Contact: [email protected]

Price: $25 early bird, $35 2 days prior/day of

Finding Our Whole Selves Through The Space

It is in the space between each note that we are able to enjoy the experience of music. In this hour journey, we will delve into the space within us to discover and tap into our whole selves. Be prepared to be guided into a state of an expanded heart, deep relaxation, and a sense of feeling lighter and whole.

In this experience sound master healer, Hiko Konami, will guide us on a 60min sound journey while Reiki master, Kelly Keefe provides both group and 1-on-1 reiki. After our meditative journey, we will have the opportunity to come together to connect deeper with our community.

We are in constant motion through our breath, heartbeat, blood flow, and cellular movement. Through entrainment of bio-rhythms, the sound healer “tunes in” to each person with whom they work, learning from the wisdom of the body where tension is being held and how to release it. Helping to balance the autonomic nervous system which has shown to reduce symptoms of stress, pain, and anxiety.  

Sound Bath operates from the principal of resonance, vibration, and a body-mind integrated approach to wellness. It’s going to be deep listening experiences using therapeutic drone instruments such as quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, and tuning forks.

Reiki is the healing modality where the practitioner is able to tune into your energetic body helping to bring balance into the vibrational essence that is your truest self. Through the flowing energy of the Divine light and love, we are able to break energetic blocks and residuals that are being carried that inhibit us from living lighter and free. Reiki helps to heal chronic pain, depression, anxiety, physical ailments, stress, and more.