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From: January 25, 2019

To: January 27, 2019

Contact: [email protected]

Price: 405 € Basic Price

For the fifth time, Anja Kühnel (Director Jivamukti Yoga Berlin) and The JiVamukti Canteen are happy to offer a long weekend retreat, hosted on Germany’s biggest Island, Rügen.
Fill your energy reserves, detox your system, and set new resolutions for the new year with an intense yoga weekend on the island Rügen’s pristine environment. With inspiring Jivamukti Asana workshops with Anja Kühnel and healthy and nutritious vegan food prepared by Annika Pfeiffer and The JiVamukti Canteen, this is exactly what you need for a cold and grey January!
Tucked away in a remote corner of Rügen, amongst wheat fields, paddocks, arrays of bird nests, and bays of the Baltic, at the end of a tiny road, there is small village with a great historic granary, constructed in 1904.Today the granary has been sensibly restored, keeping most of the details from the old design and thus retaining a generous and enchanting air with bright loft-like spaces that are perfect for practice and relaxation. Just the right space for those who seek to breathe deeply again. This is the ideal setting to enjoy the clear air in between yoga classes before coming back into our cozy space with Sauna

Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher Anja Kühnel will teach a 2-3 hour Jivamukti Yoga class every morning and evening with the exception of arrival and departure days; see preliminary program below. These will be intense and deep “workshop-style” classes with a focus on detox, in which Anja is using her years-long experience in teaching numerous international Jivamukti yoga retreats. We will experience different aspects of Jivamukti Yoga, like Asanas, Kriyas, Pranayama and Yoga Philosophy. Guided meditations will be offered every morning and Satsang/ chanting every evening.
The yoga practice will be perfectly complemented with carefully chosen detox food, made by Annika Pfeiffer and her team of the Jivamukti Canteen, as well as hikes, jogging, sauna sessions and massages for an extra charge; please let us know in the registration form. Every day we offer special detox sauna infusions and you can book special purging sauna and spa treatments and personal detox coachings for an extra charge.
As we recommended, there is the option of arriving a day earlier, Thursday, January 24 and leave a day later, Monday January 28, so we planned ahead for everyone who wants to have an even more deep experience.
If there are non-german-speaking friend among us, we will make sure that all classes are understood by everyone.

All ingredients in the kitchen of Annika & the Jivamukti Canteen are 100% plant-based – vegan, organic and nutritious. During our detox retreat, you won’t find any sugar, gluten or other unhealthy things on your plate. We will increase the use of alkaline-rich foods to neutralize and support your body’s natural detoxification process. The balanced relation between raw and cooked/ baked ingredients and the chosen times for group meals are designed to support the biorhythm of your body and will also help your yoga practice, leaving you grounded and well rested. Seasonal fresh fruits and veggies as our main energy provider, accompanied by optimal protein sources with a high organic availability as well as the healthiest fats and oils, spices and herbs, will inspire us to the greatest creations in canteen style, so that we can fully express ourselves in the open retreat kitchen. Colorful salad creations, creamy soups and purees, savory and crunchy stews and side dishes, surprising toppings, sweets without guilt… But always tasty and filling, and always made with Love.
All meals, drinks and snacks are arranged and well-balanced to harmonize your digestive system and support the purging that starts in your intestines. Don’t worry! We are not talking of uncomfortable, smelly methods, but the softest and most comfortable way to leverage your digestion. We will introduce you to natural tools, like flea seed husks and healing earth. You will be surprised what mother nature has to offer, in order to bring more detox in your life, even after the retreat.

Anja has been a devoted student of Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon and David Life since she first met them in 2000 while temporarily living in New York. She has been directing her two Berlin Jivamukti Yoga Centers and their Jivamukti Apprenticeship Teacher Training program since 2008 and is a regular facilitator of the international Jivamukti Teacher Trainings. If time allows, she accepts one of the many invitations to teach workshops worldwide. She also has been teaching intensive international Jivamukti Yoga retreats worldwide for a number of years now, often together with internationally renowned teachers like Sharon Gannon, David Life, Manorama and Dechen Thurman. Privately, she has a special interest in studying the teachings of Vedanta and Sanskrit and adopting rescued dogs.
As often on international retreats and at home in Berlin, Anja will be assisted by a Jivamukti teacher, to make sure that everyone will be guided and assisted individually.

Annika, Head of The Jivamukti Canteen, is a certified nutritionist and has been the mastermind behind the scenes at The Jivamukti Canteen in Berlin with great success for the past three years. She privately travels to Rügen Island regularly once or twice a year for her own personal detox retreat experience. Annika and her Jivamukti Canteam will be in charge of providing us with the most delicious and healthy 100% vegan and organic meals during our time on the Island. If you want, you are more than welcome to give her a helping hand in the kitchen and bring some tasty recipes home with you.