Jivamukti Yoga Event

Total Awakening with Gabriel Cousens, MD
Location:  Jivamukti Yoga Center New York, Broadway, New York, NY, USA
Price: $45
Jivamukti Yoga School NYC is pleased to host world-renowned spiritual teacher, nutritionist, doctor, counselor, and yogi Gabriel Cousens, MD for this special 2 part workshop. Awaken your Total Being with energetic compassion with the wisdom and guidance from Dr. Cousens as he shares his Holistic Veganism Lecture and Shaktipat Meditation.
Holistic Veganism Lecture

Holistic Veganism goes beyond the mere moral and ethical considerations of veganism. It is an exploration of the expansive wholeness of which veganism is simply an important part. In the lecture, Dr. Cousens shares his vision of veganism, which includes not only the healing, compassionate, and ecological dimensions of veganism, but it’s spiritual components as well.

Shaktipat Meditation

Shaktipat initiation is the awakening of the divine force that is resting as potential within us. This is known as the descent of grace. It usually occurs through a living enlightened spiritual teacher but may occur spontaneously. Once the spiritual energy is activated, it begins to spontaneously move through our body, spiritualizing every cell, every aspect of the DNA, every chakra, every nadi (the channels of the subtle nervous system), every organ and every tissue, so that all consciousness becomes activated into the next evolutionary stage.
About Gabriel Cousens
Gabriel Cousens, the “liberated vegan from Eden”, is the author of thirteen internationally acclaimed books including Spiritual Nutrition and Creating Peace by Being Peace.  Known worldwide as a spiritual teacher and the leading expert in live, plant-source nutrition, Dr. Cousens functions as a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, and cutting-edge researcher on healing diabetes naturally.  He holds an M.D. from Columbia Medical School, a doctorate in homeopathy, and diplomas in Ayurveda, and holistic medicine.  His multicultural background as an ordained rabbi, an acknowledged yogi, and a four-year Native American Sundancer, adds insight to his “whole-person enlightenment” teachings.  Dr. Cousens is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation.