Yoga Intensive with Olga Oskorbina and Anna Lunegova
From:  January 16, 2022
To:  January 28, 2022
Location:  Triopetra, Crete, Greece
Price: Yoga Intensive €1008 / Accommodations starting at €500


 A Chance to Live, Work, Practice in a Conscious Community with Senior & Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teachers

☉ Spend between 2 to 14 weeks with like minded kindred spirits

☉ Community cooking, gardening, music and sharing art

☉ Daily Seva (service) 1 hour per day per person (cleanliness, kitchen, garden)

☉ Practice classes for newer teachers to gain confidence and develop their skills




The weeks and months that we fully dedicate to Yoga practice—to good association, studying the right topics, putting ourselves in the right environment conducive to that practice—usually are some of the most nourishing and life-changing times of our life. 

According to Master Patanjali, practice must be done with sincerity, over a long time, with consistency and intensity. Therefore, it is not merely an exception to the rule of worldliness; it is not in anticipation of a future event; it is a holistic lifestyle, a real path with depth and dedication.






Everyone has something to offer the community.

✧ Minimum stay of 2 weeks

✧ Offering of some form of seva depending on the needs (cleanliness, kitchen, bodywork, treatments, teaching)

✧ Varying levels of time commitment for study/practice intensity will be offered

✧ Experienced Jivamukti Yoga Teachers will lead morning sessions e.g. meditation, lecture and asana practice. Some days, there may be extra afternoon/evening sessions offered as well

✧ Newer Jivamukti Yoga Teachers may offer classes to gain some experience teaching






Open to All | No Prerequisites required!

✹ Spiritual Seekers who have little or no yoga background but interested in transformative experiences and dipping your toes into ashram life

✹ Yoga  (continuing) students, teachers, families & friends to spend time in a conscious community

✹ Digital Nomads in home office wanting to work from beautiful Crete, between attending yoga sessions

✹ Yoga practitioners taking a sabbatical and wanting to deepen their practice

✹ Jivamukti Yoga Teachers, and teachers of other Yoga methods who want to get a taste of Jivamukti


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