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Jivamukti Event

Yogic Leapfrog: The Māṇdūkya Upanishad

From: October 11, 2017

To: October 12, 2017

Location: Jivamukti Yoga Center New York, New York, NY, United States

Price: $50 for one class / $90 for both

The root of Māṇdūkya is sometimes considered as Māṇdūka (Sanskrit: मण्डूक) which literally has several meanings, one of which is “frog.”
In a yogic practice sometimes we can feel as though the pace is slow and steady. And at other times we increase the level of tapas and progress is made in leaps, this is one of those times.
This two-part workshop will focus on the text of the Māṇdūkya Upanishad and its potential relationship to the asana practice. Each of the two classes is divided up into two parts; one using an asana practice and meditation, and the other looking directly at the Sanskrit text, exploring some simple scholarly and spiritual grammar and meaning.
$50 for one class / $90 for both
*Jivamukti Teachers receive a 10% discount


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