Jivamukti Yoga Berlin Kreuzberg

Oranienstraße 25, 10999 Berlin, Germany
(+49) 030-44 04 74 51
Jivamukti Yoga Berlin Kreuzberg has everything you know and love about Jivamukti Yoga —the same tried and true asanas and sequences, top-notch tunes and talented teachers, but there is no mistaking it: this place radiates with a decidedly funky Kreuzberg vibe.
The neighborhood is positively vibrating with life, culture, art and diversity. You can find our studio on Oranienstrasse, one of the liveliest and most exciting streets in town.
While Oranienstrasse could be dubbed “the street that never sleeps”, our beautiful top-floor studio is in a prime location, tucked cozily away in a quiet backyard, thus lending the studio the feeling of being an urban oasis.
Gorgeously refurbished with soaring ceilings, huge windows, and flooded with warm, natural sunlight, it’s hard to deny the almost cathedral-like feeling of the place with its two big yoga rooms (150+60 sqm). And of course we’ve got all the practical amenities: men’s and womens’ changing rooms and showers, mats, blankets, blocks and belts, nutritious drinks and snacks (including some of the city’s tastiest organic chocolates), and every day we offer various classes suitable for beginners, experienced yogis, early birds and night owls alike.
Jivamukti Yoga Berlin XBerg is also home to our weekly 120min+ extra-long class in which we delve even deeper into specific aspects of the Jivamukti method, thus allowing you the opportunity to fine-tune some of the more advanced asanas. We also offer a weekly Satsang directly after the extra long class. In short, Jivamukti XBerg is bursting with life, color and spirit, perfectly embodying our motto: “Jivamukti, Why Be Normal?!”