Jivamukti Yoga Moscow

Jivamukti Yoga Moscow

Studio NYM Yoga since 2006 is a space that provides opportunities for everyone to develop and create. The mysterious magic and beauty of this place allow us to reveal our highest creative potential.

Each person of the NYM Yoga team sounds unique, each presents his vision … our essence remains unified … we want you to stay in a state of harmony and joy with yourself, developing the willpower, spirit and body. That you could enjoy life in all its manifestations, love and direct this state to the world around you.

For 11 years our space has inspired and grown many successful teachers of yoga today – all thanks to our joint efforts and love for this wonderful place. Thanks to everyone, thanks to you here continues to reign beauty, spirituality and love!

Be honest with yourself, rejoice for the success of others and never doubt that you have the power far more than your imagination!

Plotnikov Street 4/5 Moscow Russia