LA Jivamukti Yoga Los Angeles

421 S Colyton St Los Angeles, CA 90013

LaLaLå!: If you sing it, it rolls off the tongue… “La La Lām” is the bija mantra (seed sound) for the first chakra –Muladhara, the root place. The first chakra is the energetic center of hOMe. It represents family, stability, earth, grounding -the elements that connect us to the earth.

JYLA is the first and only licensed full Jivamukti Yoga® School on the west coast. We offer Jivamukti classes including JTAP, as well as a host of other forms of yoga, meditation and movement modalities.

Located in the Arts District of DTLA, we are a community yoga school with a global family. We are artists, activists, and creators of all colors and creeds, shapes and sizes who are dedicated to the teachings of yoga; through art, activism, music and culture, inspired by compassion.

The practices of yoga are meant to integrate the body, mind and spirit; so that we can re-member our true Nature. The tenets of Jivamukti Yoga® give us the tools and freedom to live a wholly integrated experience while on this planet – in all the ways we practice. Liberated, while living!

We are honored to be sharing these practices with you, and continuing the traditions of our teachers and their teachers… and their teachers. Our intention is to remember these connections – unifying ancient and modern teachings into a way of life that honors and celebrates all beings, everywhere. We welcome you to our global family!

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