Yam Yoga

Yam Yoga, Ainmillerstra├če, Munich, Germany
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Yoga is a millennium old system dedicated to the observation and exploration of body, mind, psyche and the laws of nature. The goal is to achieve freedom in this body and in this life.

Yoga is a timeless, in the origin undogmatic system, way and goal in equal measure. Yoga is an inner experiment. It lives through the experience. Yoga is an actively self-determined transformation process.

By practicing yogic practices, such as asanas, bodywork we coordinate with the breath (Vinyasa), we release ourselves from energetic and psychological barriers that prevent us from fully utilizing our full personal potential. The practice of Asanas and Vinyasa cleans the energies of the body and allows Prana (life energy) to flow freely.

Yoga changes the body as the body changes, breathing can change. If the breath changes, the thoughts change. If the thoughts change, man recognizes that he is directly connected with the creative principle. He himself creates his perception and thus his reality.

“There’s no way out there, out there.” (Sharon Gannon)

Yoga teaches us every day that we can enjoy the fullness of life through a healthy, supple body, a strengthened nervous system and a clear awareness. By turning to Yoga, a healing effect on the mental, physical and psychological level opens up. Yoga adapts to the needs of man, not otherwise.

Yoga invites everyone, everyone is welcome!

“Can you breathe, can you practice yoga?” (Krishnamacharya)