Jivamukti Yoga Prenatal Teacher Training

From Saturday October 14th until
Saturday October 21st 2023

Jivamukti Peace Yoga Berlin, Germany
The prenatal certificate training is meant to delve deeply into the teaching and practice of yoga for people who are pregnant. While a 75HR or 300HR Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training covers philosophy, anatomy, sequencing, and asana modification, it is just a beginning.

This training will spend more time exploring the aspects of anatomy, sequencing and asana modification appropriate for a person who is interested in continuing to practice throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy.
A pregnant woman in a sport bra and yoga pant holding her stomachDr. Lori Zucker assisting a pregnant woman in Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)
There will be a greater focus on pelvic floor anatomy and energy, abdominal muscles, soft tissue changes, breathing, and spiritual preparation to support new life.

At the end of this program participants will have the tools to modify a practice for a pregnant student, understand the various changes happening in the body, choose language and dharma talks appropriate for pregnant students, teach a class appropriate for both typical and pregnant students, and explore the Magic 10 for the pregnant body.

Prenatal Education
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Students of the onsite Prenatal TT
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The Instructors

Martyna Eder PortraitClick here to see bio
Martyna Dharmina Febre
Advanced Certified
Jivamukti Yoga Teacher
Dr. Lori Zucker PortraitClick here to see bio
Lori Zucker
Doctor of
Physical Therapy

Registration & Participant Information:

Dr. Lori Zucker Portrait
Dr. Lori Zucker Portrait
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Dr. Lori Zucker

Dr. Lori Zucker employs an integrative approach to physical therapy to achieve maximum recovery and comfort for her patients. She specializes in providing holistic care to individuals experiencing a wide array of musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. Practicing since 1985, Lori received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Washington University, a Master’s Degree in Pathokinesiology from New York University, and her Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers University (formerly UMDNJ). An avid yoga practitioner, Lori is a certified yoga instructor and integrates principles of yoga in her physical therapy practice. She regularly advises yoga professionals on anatomical alignment, injury-prevention, and asana modifications.
Martyna Eder Portrait
Martyna Eder portrait
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Martyna Dharmina Febre

Martyna Dharmina Febre is an 800hrs+ Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher and an actress. She graduated from the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in Rhinebeck, New York, in 2011 and then apprenticed with her mentor Petros Haffenrichter. Since then, she has been teaching classes at Jivamukti Berlin and Jivamukti Munich as well as workshops and retreats all over the world. Martynas biggest inspiration is the tireless animal rights and environmental activism of her teachers, Sharon and David, which she makes her priority to pass on to her students by imparting a loving and compassionate behavior towards all living beings and by practicing nonviolence in thoughts, words and actions as the first- and most important step of all yoga practices.

About Agricola Samadhi

Yoga in Salento/ Agricola Samadhi is an international yoga community that gives high value to the connection and well being of body, mind and spirit. Salento is that portion of Italian land where the West meets the East, point of fusion among ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean; an earth to be discovered, kissed by the sun and by a crystalline sea.
In this land of millenary olive groves we offer a fun, welcoming, kind and supportive eco-friendly space for Yoga retreats and holydays in tune with conscious living, with the ‘here & now’. Reconnect with Yourself, with Others, with Mother Nature, with your playfulness! The organic farm Agricola Samadhi is surrounded by nature and silence, in the navel of Salento, Zollino, just 10 minutes from Lecce and 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches and coves. The only sounds you can hear are the wind, the chirping of birds and the sound of crickets. Agricola Samadhi has been environmentally aware, careful and graceful towards Mother Earth since its origin.

Prepare for the Prenatal TT

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Minimum requirements to participate: Successful completion of the 75HR or 300HR TT
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This TRC requires students to attend in person.
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In advance of arriving in Berlin we ask that you complete the basic anatomy videos.  This will allow us to delve more deeply into the changes that occur during pregnancy and immediately post partum.
We also ask that you become very familiar with the recorded pre-natal class.
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· Please bring a notebook for taking notes and journaling
· Please bring a set of colored pencils
· Yoga mat, blocks, a strap and blanket
Tuition & FEES
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Course fee for participants €1950
Early bird until March 1, 2023 €1800

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55 hrs on site (7 days)
-Learning, practicing teaching modifications pre- and post natal
-Putting together a pre- and post natal class with modifications
-Daily practice and meditation
-Vegan nutritionist
-Anatomy and physiology
-Practicing teaching
-25 hrs online including two zoom sessions, homework, yoga practice and basic anatomy as prerequisite for the course
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For all classes/sessions/parts of this course it is crucial that you arrive on time. There will be no (partial or full) refund of the course fee if you miss any classes of the course. The main requirement for successfully completing the training and receiving the certificate is that you need to “show up” and “be present” and engaged at all sessions and complete all homework. Please note that participation will be monitored, and a certificate of completion will only be issued if you take part in the full 80 hours of this course. It is up to the discretion of Jivamukti Global and the facilitator of the TRC to grant a reasonable extension for a student to complete any work or to deny giving a student a certificate for stating the reason(s) in writing. However, in case of missed classes, sessions, regardless of the reason for missing them, the certificate will only be issued if they have been completed, which might involve an additional fee to compensate the facilitator for taking the time to re-teach the missed parts of the program.
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After successful and complete attendance of all parts of the TRC, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion stating that you took one module of Jivamukti TRC/Continuing Education. This will not only signify a stepping stone in the quality of your teaching, but also give credit to any future re-stratification of levels in the method.
A pregnant woman demonstrating a standing pose

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A pregnant woman demonstrating a standing pose

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