The 300HR Teacher Training

India 2021

300HR in India 2021

February 6, 2021 – March 5, 2021
Location: Govardhan Ecovillage, India


Dates & Deadlines
Early Bird available until April 3rd 2020
Refunds are available (less the $1,500 deposit) until August 3rd, 2020
August 4rd, 2020 – November 2nd, 2020 non-refundable credit on your Jivamukti Teacher Training account (less the $1500 deposit) to be used for any future 300hr TT
After November 2nd, 2020 all fees are strictly non-refundable and non- transferable, non-negotiable
December 30, 2020 Balance Due
Daily schedule

7:00am–7:45am Breakfast
8:00pm–12:00pm Class Time
12:00pm–12:45pm Mentor Group Meeting
12:45pm–1:45pm Lunch
2:00pm–6:00pm Class Time
6:00pm–7:30pm Dinner
8:00pm–11:00pm Satsang


Transform Yourself in India at Govardhan Ecovillage

Govardhan Eco Village (GEV) illustrates ‘Simple Living & High Thinking’ – a principle which, is so succinct, yet profound, and formed the basis of life in the bygone age of wisdom. Life in the Vedic times was focused on service, and not on exploitation; this was the cardinal rule of living and the very essence of people’s dealings – with each other and that with Mother Nature. Govardhan Ecovillage is an ashram, sustainable living community, and wellness retreat situated on 50 acres of pristine farmland in the Wada district of Maharashtra. Although its rustic charm and sylvan ambience belie the fact, it is only a two-and-a-half hour drive north of Mumbai. The addition to the community of the Lady Northcote Hindu Orphanage in 2002 brought the total number of residents to 100. The practices of Bhakti Yoga there create a special and unique atmosphere to immerse in the Jivamukti Yoga Method.
“The GEV is a paradise in this world of conflict. Everyone here under the visionary guidance of Radhanath Swami is living a life of spiritual activation. The most important thing anyone can do is to dare to care about the happiness and wellbeing of others. This place is daring and caring. The best way to uplift our own life is to do all we can to uplift the lives of others.. GEV teaches us all how to do that! With great love all is possible, all is God’s grace. God is great and God is love. All glories to Sri Krishna!” –Sharon Gannon, Co-Founder of Jivamukti Yoga.

Know more

The Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training tuition fee for the 28 day residential program is $6550. Accommodation costs vary depending on room type selected, please see the details below. Limited spots available. Book early! Please note early bird pricing cannot be combined with 75hr TT Offset Credit.
All pricing below is per person and includes accommodations, room and board, and transfer with group to/from Mumbai.

Gokul Cottages

Housed in 2 double storied structures, Gokul cottage is a single dorm room with a shared bath on the same floor. With the view of landscaped garden on one side and mountains on the other, this accommodation offers the privacy of a single-occupant room, paired with the social atmosphere of a dorm with a common hall and a courtyard that serves as a nice sit out area.
Single Rooms with Shared Bath: $9500
Early Bird until April 3: $9200

Barsana Cottages

The two storied cottage exudes contemporary rustic Indian elegance through the creative use of hardwoods together with an earthy colour palette and elements of local artistry.
Double rooms with Private Bath (No AC): $9500
Early Bird until April 3: $9200

Luxury Jungle Cabins

The luxury jungle luxe cabins, a new addition at the Govardhan Ecovillage are set in lush green forest areas of the retreat. Each luxe tent accommodates two with a personal writing desk, a private wardrobe and an attached shower room with independent cabinet shelves for each person sharing the space. With pine wood interiors, each of the bed comes with a canopy that allows privacy within each of the living space. The jungle luxe’ are air conditioned for the summer months and heated for winters. Enjoy the serene sounds of wilderness sitting on the porch or meditate to the calmness of the fresh breeze touching your soul.
Double rooms with Private Bath, and AC: $10,100
Early Bird until April 3: $9500

Organic farming: Many technologies are utilized to create the most sustainable and environment-friendly food sources possible. Such practices as crop rotation and companion planting, composting, mulching, organic fertilizers, green pesticides, permanent raised garden beds, and several kinds of irrigation are employed in the farming effort.

Green Buildings: Traditional earthen homes are built with locally available materials that reconnect us to earth, creating a healing and calming effect.

Water conservation:  Efficient Water conservation is a natural step towards sustainability with respect to water resources. The goal at GEV has been to create a system, which could help attain this goal without disturbing the existing ecology and keeping cost feasibility in mind.

Alternative energy: Alternative energy is any energy source that is an alternative to fossil fuels with their inherent disadvantages like carbon dioxide emissions, global warming, etc. GEV uses Solar Power, Biogas and Bull Power to meet energy needs in an eco-friendly way.

Soil biotechnology: Soil Biotechnology (SBT) is an indigenous green technology for sewage processing which enables recycling and reuse of processed water. SBT has been developed & patented by Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay. GEV has been one of the pioneers in employing the SBT technology for handling sewage wastes in a rural setup.

Animal care: Upholding the Vedic tenet of respecting all forms of life, GEV is working steadily towards setting up exemplary animal care facilities.  Two donkeys, two goats, two sheep, four dogs and several cows and bulls happily reside at the GEV.

Waste management: GEV uses a combination of time tested traditional techniques as well as indigenous innovations to develop a Symbiotic Model of Waste Management (SWMS). In a SWMS different processes or systems are integrated into loops so that the wastes of one system can be utilized by another.

Rural empowerment: A Holistic Development Program for Rural & Tribal communities in Wada Block of Thane District was started by GEV to cover at least 500 tribal families over a period of 6 years.
Rural health care: Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Govardhan Eco Village, as a part of their mission to serve the needy, have been rendering free and concessional community health services to the villagers in and around GEV. Annamrita: The Annamrita kitchen supported by GEV today provides mid-day meals to almost 30,000 students from 400 schools.

Vrindavan Biodiversity park: Taking inspiration from the sublime and symbiotic biodiversity of Vrindavan, GEV is coming up with a Vrindavan Biodiversity Park. Sitting in the lap of Mother Nature, being surrounded by mountains on all 4 sides and with the Vaitarna River flowing nearby, Govardhan Eco village has an ideal setting to experience the sweetness of Bhakti Yoga along with the blossom of Nature.


Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India. ARRIVE BY: February 1, 2020 (11am departure to GEV) DEPART: February 28, 2020 (8am departure from GEV) In the interest of combating jet lag and accounting for various flight time arrivals into India from you Country of Origin, it is suggested that you may want to arrive a day or two early to Mumbai.


The Lalit Mumbai Sahar Airport Road Mumbai – 400059
India Tel: +91-22-66992222 Fax: +91-22-66998888

THIS IS WHERE GROUP SHUTTLE TO GEV WILL DEPART FROM. As is standard hotel policy, check-in time is usually 1pm for rooms. If you arrive much earlier and try to check in, you may be charged for an extra day or early check in, you are responsible for all hotel costs.

• The Hyatt Regency Taj Hotel (Colaba, City Center)
• The Oberoi
*Please Note: Passport and photos required for International Hotel check-in policy.

Group shuttle transportation from Mumbai to Govardhan Eco-Village is included in your course fee (at the time listed below).  There will be a group shuttle bus to Govardhan Eco-Village departing from the Hotel Lalit. Should you decide to stay elsewhere, it is suggested you meet at Hotel Lalit no later than 9am if you are planning to get on the group shuttle bus. It is strongly suggested to schedule late afternoon flights for departure since it is a 3 hr drive from GEV to the airport. We will provide the group shuttle buses to the airport directly from GEV. The shuttles will also make a stop in Mumbai City Center.
**If you should want to extend your stay, we cannot guarantee availability at GEV after the course. You should plan to depart the Eco-Village and make arrangements to stay on in Mumbai or elsewhere (not at GEV).
TAXI – airport transportation
For those of you arriving early and in need of transport upon arrival, it is strongly suggested that you use your hotel shuttle taxi service if available. Most hotels offer their own airport shuttle, please utilize their service and book in advance. Arrival can be daunting so make it easy and safe for yourself. Hotel Lalit offers a reliable shuttle service, if you decide to stay there, please contact them with your flight information to schedule your pick up in advance. For those of you staying elsewhere, please see the link below regarding transportation options to Mumbai city center or elsewhere. If you need to schedule a private shuttle pickup from Mumbai or Chhitrapati Shivaji Airport to Govardhan Eco-Village please contact: [email protected] to make arrangements. The cost is $85 USD per person each way and the drive is about 2-3 hrs. (We can only assist with private car bookings for Feb 1 arrival or Feb 28 departure – not at other times)

Passport and Photos are required for all hotels per International Hotel check-in policy including at the Eco-Village CHECK YOUR NATIONALITY STATUS FOR ENTRANCE TO INDIA AND GET YOUR VISA! It is recommended that you get an E-Tourist Visa. Compulsory: Please bring two sets of Passport copies (one page with the Photo and the other Visa page) + 3 passport size photographs. There is no facility of getting photographs or xerox near to the Eco Village.
The address to list for your visa application: Govardhan Eco Village Galtare, Hamrapur (P.O), Wada (Taluka) Thane (District) -421303 Maharashtra, India Telephone: +91 91672 04666 Contact: Jaru Thakur das

1. Swimming Pool
2. Ayurvedic Treatment & Massage Center
3. Library
4. Temple
5. Gift Shop
6. Laundry: There will be laundry service provided at a small cost, please bring enough clothing to allow for a 48 hrs turnaround time. Reminder: you may want to change some money to pay for this service.
7. WIFI: will be available at Govardhan Ashram in rooms and some common areas, though there is limited access and it can be unreliable at times.

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