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My mission is to support people toward aligning with their true nature, which is happiness, freedom, and love. I am a 500 hour certified yoga teacher of Jivamukti Yoga, Nosara Yoga and Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics, as well as a Lifestyle Meditation Teacher and SUP Yoga. First introduced at age 5 by my parents, I was mystified by the practice. Yoga is my rock through the ebb and flow of life as the power of practice set with high intention reveals our truth, that divine love within us all. The practice has aided me in settling the mind, connecting to the earth and all its beings, becoming more present, mindful, and receptive to those around her, and aligning with the healing power of source. 

My passion for yoga combined with my love of travel and desire to serve allowed her to teach yoga all over the world in many different communities. I taught yoga at a local school in Ghana, lead classes in Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, USA, and most recently in the community I lived in while serving Peace Corps in Guyana. Currently I reside in Philadelphia sharing my love of yoga and meditation with the community, while keeping up with my wanderlust heart by leading vibrant retreats all over the world. I am currently studying to become a massage therapist and excited to share the healing modalities of body work with the rest of the beautiful world soon! 

I am extremely grateful to my family, my teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Don and Amba Stapleton, the many teachers in my community who continue to inspire me, and especially the students who allow me to share my love and passion of yoga and healing. 

As a surfer at heart, my classes are just like riding a wave: fun, liberating, challenging, and humbling. My classes stay at the heart of Jivamukti through compassion, laughter in self study, devotion, eclectic music, meditation, and a breath-centered vinyasa flow, while combined with the sweet, simple, and stress free vibe of Nosara Yoga. Check out my schedule here. 

BA Sociology/ Anthropology, African American Studies, and Elementary Education Guilford College, NC 2011

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Philadelphia, PA
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