Tammy Borchert

300 Hour


DJ Cheb i Sabbah Neti Neti Audio Letter Remix Sarva-Bhuteshu - In All Beings CD Dum Dum Project The Beatles Tool Michael Franti/Spearhead Rage Against the Machine
Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism Change of Heart: What Psychology Can Teach Us About Spreading Social Change Yoga and Vegetarianism: The Path to Greater Health and Happiness Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul Thread of Wisdom Yoga Pearls with Manorama The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Satchidananda Watership Down Alice in Wonderland
Forks Over Knives Earthling Legally Blonde 2 (Elle takes on animal testing) What is Yoga? Portable Jivamukti DVD/CD Set The Yellow Submarine Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Alice in Wonderland (any adaption) Anything by Joss Whedon