Aiste Stragyte
300hr Certified

Aiste has been a dreamer all her life, up until now and shall probably stay forever. This has become a tool taking her to places, from which she gathered not only memories, but also experiences. Spending her youth in ballroom dance studios (becoming a Youth vice champion of the world became a cherry on the top). Following with a degree in Political Science and International Relations which broadened her views and increased her attention to the affairs – political, social and personal. However, it was Jivamukti Yoga that took her heart away. It has been present in her life for almost 5 years and counting. The year 2020 has started by transforming the experience from gathering the teachings from all the wonderful Jivamukti teachers into also being able to share those teachings – the teacher training in India has been the fast track ticket to the inner balance. This only nourished the strive to share the teachings with everyone, at the same time bowing to her own teachers and promising to stay a student eternally and be able to keep curiosity as her main fuel of life.