Ali Van Putten
advanced Certified
New York
United States

A dream chaser, entrepreneur, writer, digital marketing girl, yogi and aspiring forearm-stander. I feel most alive when seeing and inspiring the potential in others on and off the mat. Practicing yoga has brought order and magic into my life, and introduced me to a very important person in my life; myself. I believe this path gives us a glimpse of our potential and allows us to work through any limitation or obstacle. Everything we counter on the mat is a mirror for what is happening in the external world. Within each of us is inherent desire for yoga – to be reunited with ourselves, no matter how intimidating or challenging the process may seem at times. I am humbled by my heart teacher, Rima Rabbath, and grateful for the gift of the Jivamukti Method created by Sharon and David, for helping create the space and discipline for me to teach and practice inside of.