Alyona Wrong
300hr Certified

My passion in life is to grow daily with my practice and to achieve Jiva Mukhtar I have practiced different kind of yoga including Ashtanga, Kundalini, Ayengar from 2003. I loved it from the beginning and loved to find new experiences in different styles until I found Jivamukti in London. I went to the Spiritual Warrior class and found my elf absolutely happy after the class and right away decided to learn to be a Jivamukti teacher, which I am very proud of. I finished  teacher training  in 2015 and have been teaching since then. currently  in Dubai and also travel around with open classes, workshops and retreats. Big thank you to Sharon and David life for the great adventure,  to the Jivamukti team, To Yogeswari for her love and passion for life, and to NYM yoga (Jivamukti Yoga Moscow) for giving the possibility for to grow as a Jivamukti Teacher.