Ana Lopez
300hr Certified

I sought out yoga for the first time due to the need to relax and combat stress. Over time, I understood that I had found a way to follow my spiritual path, which I started some time ago through the gift of faith and admiration for those who strip away their ego to dedicate their lives to a moral love. What I learned in India was that you don’t have to change your reality to be happy, and the vision can be another if you look from the soul. All people carry with them a precious Light and the path of yoga helps us to remove the shadows that do not allow us to be true. When you find this treasure and you live in this way, what is most desirable is to share with others, as well as leaving aside your personal baggage, loaded with heavy emotions and thoughts to continue lighter and more free the journey of this lifetime. With all humility, gratitude and joy I want to share what my great teachers helped me to discover.