Anna Schwider
300hr Certified

Anna’s passion is to show people that the world can be a beautiful place if we act from love and work on our own perception. She mainly works in corporate environments showing employees within these systems how work can be fulfilling and how we can develop ourselves being integrated in a big corporate system. She helps individuals, teams and companies finding purpose and is helping others to experience interconnectedness and that doing good is a nice life. Thus combining mindfulness practices retrieved from Search Inside Yourself, teaching Jivamukti and having knowledge in how to shape organizations which are purpose driven Anna is helping to allow companies having happy employees, happy customers whilst each of them are able to steadily grow.

10 years ago Anna found access to Jivamukti by just incidentally ending up in a Studio in central Munich practicing it for the first time. Since then her personal experience was that personal growth, change of perspective and her own values has been tremendous and this is also the reason why she became a teacher. Her wish is that many people on our world can experience that shifting into a higher self and interconnected view is an awesome life for each individually but also everyone on this planet.