Annalisa Tiranti
300hr Certified
United Kingdom

Annalisa is an Italian interior designer moved to London looking for the opportunity of her life. She left Italy looking for a job and she discover that London could gave her more. She managed to work for the interior industry allowing her to build a career in the hospitality nice. The job she wanted wasn’t enough to fulfil her soul. She understood, she was looking for just another job but it was something more deep … She realised that she left her beloved country to find the way to allow her soul to feel free.In London she started practicing Jivamukti Yoga caught by Melody Hekmat and suddenly her soul felt welcomed at home…This unique method changed her life. She is now fully immerse in this new experience where Mother Nature helps deepening her own practice day by day. She now want to teach sharing and giving support to who is really interested in yoga. The magical deep state “… where you are missing nothing. ” – Śrī Brahmananda Sarasvati She currently teach and cover all around London: Virgin Active, Yogahaven, Bikram studio, PranaYoga Space, MoreYoga, The Space East. Annalisa would love to express deep gratitude to her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life for compiling these amazing teachings together creating JIVAMUKTI yoga and to all her advanced teachers in London for theirs continued support and mentorship.