Beatrice Anne Buenaventura
300hr Certified
Los Angeles
United States

Beatrice has been a student of yoga since 2003. Energetic shifts of the yoga practice is what initially drew her in.  As her curiosity continued to grow, it lead her to seek out teachers, and inspired her to go deeper into her studies.  Beatrice shares her instruction and knowledge, passed onto her from her teachers. She incorporates these in her personal practice, and integrates those expressions into her classes. Beatrice believes with consistent practice, it opens opportunity to create and nurture connection with ourselves and with others. In addition to building strong physical bodies, yoga allows us to become flexibility in the body AND the mind. It helps us conquer fears, avoid injury, improve balance, and lead a more mindful and conscious life. Yoga brings people back to their natural state, one of true happiness and joy. She humbly bows in gratitude to her teachers: Rich Logan (Chicago,IL), Kino MacGregor (Miami, FL), Tias + Surya Little (Santa Fe, NM), David Life + Sharon Gannon (New York City, NY), Mollie Galbraith (Austin,TX), Hillary Wright (New York City, NY), the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Mysore, India), Richard Miller (IRI, IAYT), and David Swenson.