Birthe Klinge
advanced Certified

Birthe holds a master in french philology and cultural sciences. Since her studies she is working in scriptdevelopment and filmfunding in Berlin. After being an enthusiastic practicioner for more than 13 years, she finally decided to take the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training in New York with Sharon Gannon and David Life. Since then she is teaching with the same devotion she practices herself. To Birthe Yoga is the return to our true essence. Love. Unconditionality. Kindness. Peacefulness. Compassion. Whether our approach to Yoga is through asana, mediation or study of philosophy, whether how conscious we are about changing ourselves and consequently the world around us. it happens. one day. eventually. subtly. but surely. Yoga is the state of missing nothing. the state we become aware that everything is within us. eternally was. forever will be. we only have to remember. She thanks her teachers and founders of Jivamukti Yoga, Sharon Gannon and David Life for the lineage they created within the tradition of Yoga. She thanks them for their uncompromised activism through which they lend their voice to all those beings who do not speak our language. She thanks all the teachers on her way who supported and inspired her, especially Dechen Karl Thurman, Rima Rani Rabbath and Jules Febre. With heartfelt deepest gratitude she thanks Moritz Ulrich for his fathomless support and trust. She would not be where she is without his generosity, clarity, brightness, his considerateness, calm peacefulness and modesty. Seven years after being the teacher of the first Jivamukti Class she attended, he became her mentor in the teacher training in New York and the 800hours apprenticeship. Birthe teaches at Moritz Ulrich and Niklas Noacks beautiful studio PEACE YOGA BERLIN