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Brendan Carroll

300 Hr Certified

Melbourne, Victoria


About Brendan

Brendan is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher in Melbourne, Australia, who loves to share his wisdom and experience of this unique and spiritual style of Yoga. Brendan considers himself a Spiritual Warrior – one who is determined to guide others on the path to enlightenment before his own.

Brendan’s journey to deepen his understanding of yoga began when he completed the 200hr SomaChi Vinyasa teacher training with Lianne Metcalf. The Jivamukti Yoga Method soon took hold as a motivating force to journey deeper on his yoga path and in 2016 he travelled to India to complete the internationally acclaimed 300hr Jivamukti Yoga Teacher training.

Brendan is forever grateful for the many teachers he has been blessed to study with including: Jivamukti Co-founders Sharon Gannon and David Life, Advanced Jivamukti Teachers, Will Lau, Jules Febre, Doug Whittaker and Ruth Lauer-Manenti. He is especially grateful to SomaChi Founder and Director, Lianne Metcalf.