Carly Boland
advanced Certified
United States

Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Carly Boland is passionate about sharing yoga as a life practice through the method of Jivamukti. She has had the rare opportunity of living with her teachers at the Wild Woodstock Jivamukti Forest Sanctuary, immersed in rich direct transmission that is palpable through her heartfelt teaching. Serving as a co-creator on the compassionate path to enlightenment, Carly’s classes provide a journey for practitioners. Incorporating light on ancient yogic teachings fused with modern application, her classes are known for bringing heartfelt activism, seamless eclectic musicality, chanting, skillful hands-on assists, and a down to earth, spiritual yet humor-filled approach to yoga. Her dynamic Vinyasa sequences draw from her integrative dance, somatic and holistic health background. Carly’s aim in every class is for all involved to leave closer to who they truly are, more of a vibrant, kind, centered, and joyful version of themselves. She is eternally grateful to her teachers Padma-ji Sharon Gannon and Shri David Life for their endless mentorship, generosity, teachings, wit, and love. ॐ ॐ ॐ