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Charlotte Denman

300 Hr Certified

East Grinstead, West Sussex

United Kingdom

About Charlotte

Char first discovered yoga when she was traveling Indonesia. She fell in love with the compassionate and kind Balinese people and realised she needed to come back to a slower-paced environment and integrate this into her lifestyle. Shortly after she moved to Berlin where she went through a difficult period in her life and looked for new avenues of peace amidst the turmoil. She enrolled in a 8-week meditation course, and soon after discovered Jivamukti yoga.

After her first Jivamukti class she didn’t look back. The combination of devotional chanting, spiritual teachings, vinyasa, meditation and inspirational music, was transformational. She finally understood what yoga was all about - not just for the physical benefits, but about union - breaking down the barriers between ourselves and all other beings.

Charlotte completed her 300hr Jivamukti training in India at a Bhakti ashram near Mumbai - Govardhan Eco Village, run by the amazing and inspirational, Radhanath Swami. It was completely life-changing and she started to understand the real meaning behind life - community, compassion and kindness. Char is also a level-2 Reiki practitioner and loves to work with energy throughout her yoga practice and teaching.

Char currently teaches in Brighton and London. She is so grateful for her students, her teachers (Sharon Gannon, David Life, Rima Rabbath, Jules Febre, Julie Kirkpatrick, Martyna Eder, Juan Sierra) and the loving community and happy place that is yoga.