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Dalal Ani

Advanced Certified

New York, NY

United States

About Dalal

Born and raised in the small country of Kuwait, Dalal fell in love with the practice of asana upon moving to New York City. She has been a devoted student and practitioner ever since. She became a teacher after recognizing the capacity of yoga to help us balance our minds, conquer our senses, and enter the present moment without any filters. With an emphasis on carefully-crafted sequences combined with skillful hands-on assists, Dalal's classes are a thoughtful invitation to experience yoga as a method to refine one's attention and focus, giving her students the opportunity to engage in the now.

Training/Education: Parsons MFA 2012. Yoga Shanti 300hr 2013. Jivamukti 300hr/800hr w/ beloved mentor Rima Rani Rabbath/ADV 2015-2017.

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