Françoise Meyer
300hr Certified

Growing up, Françoise spent most of her childhood in Brazil and Switzerland. Having lived and experienced different cultures and languages, Françoise realized early on how much of the same all of us human beings are and how similar are our dreams and aspirations. Every individual wants to be happy and free. We all want to feel at home in the world. That feeling of being at home, she came to recognize, comes from within oneself.

For years, Francoise was a flight attendant. As a way to ground herself, Françoise would teach aerobics at her home base’s local gym. After a ski accident 17 years ago, she started practicing yoga regularly. In 2010, she enrolled in a yoga teacher training and in 2014, she received her BDY EYU Yoga certificate.

Françoise is fortunate to have very inspiring teachers who have shown her how to integrate yoga in one’s daily life. She feels deep gratitude for Rima Rabbath, Ruth Lauer-Manenti and many more beautiful souls for sharing the Jivamukti Yoga method with her. In 2020, she attended the first online Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training and is now a certified Jivamukti teacher.

Françoise practices daily, on and off the mat, as a way to deepen her understanding of yoga. When teaching, she wants everybody to feel welcome and for everyone to come as they are. Her aspiration for her classes is to create a space that allows students to have an experience that connects them with themselves and with the world. The magic starts with YOU.