Frika Karuṇā
300hr Certified
Canggu Badung

Yoga has changed her life and inspire her to live each moment mindfully. Frika Karuṇā has been practicing yoga since 2012, albeit on-and-off. Yoga practice gives her calmness and ground her, and most importantly brought her to the awareness of the practice of kindness and compassion, to herself and all beings. A human right activist, in the area of HIV, Women and Gender equity, she fell immediately to high-paced jobs in her earlier years. After a big burn-out from work, Karuṇā has taken a big turn in life and from 2012 yoga has been her key word. Yoga paved her self-healing and emotional growth. Her love of traveling and immersing to different cultures has brought her to live in Singapore, Thailand and Brazil. Upon her return to live in Indonesia in 2016, touched by Jivamukti teaching through Jivamukti classes of her mentor Arif Sentosa, she’s drawn to learn deeper and follow her calling. Beyond gratitude she finished her 300 hours Jivamukti teacher training in India in 2018. Karuṇā is a spiritual name blessed to her by beloved Padmaji Sharon Gannon. A sanskrit word which means compassion (action-based compassion), seeing herself as a forever student of life, she teaches to learn and learns to teach. She has been practicing living her life with compassion for all beings. A Certified Holistic Health coach (IIN), in helping busy executives and busy mothers towards wellness, happiness and healthier lifestyle, along with teaching Jivamukti, she offers her self as an instrument.