Heidi Faivre
300hr Certified
Los Angeles
United States

I love Yoga! My mat is my church. My practice is my therapy in this challenging thing called life, and yoga helps crash down all the bullshit walls lingering inside this blessed temple of my body, mySelf….Who am I? Tat Tvam Asi. Ok, so I’m just here trying to be a better person always, learning and stumbling along the way…..and trying to find and EXPRESS my authentic voice to share my lessons and experiences that may be useful to others (I’ve been through some rough times as we all have!). I am here to be part of the SOULution. I find myself to be rather adaptable, intuitive, research oriented, creative, kind, and honest…and beautifully IMPERFECT. Professionally, I work as a clinical dietitian/nutritionist, yoga teacher (who is forever a student!) and new found writer (still lacking in the discipline game but improving ALWAYS!). I am a passionate advocate for living LIFE to the fullest, choosing not to create more harm, having more fun, laughing, getting back up after getting knocked down, listening to others and trying to be of service. I love plant based culinary arts. I love to slow down as I sometimes move to fast! I love positive relations. I love to take pictures of beautiful things and beings and moments and places and trees and rainbows….and especially the ocean….I love to surf waves, and garden with dirt under my nails. I love to sweat out toxins! I love to travel! My travels have led me to some of the most amazing life lessons, and my work in yoga and public health has encouraged me to continue to pursue greater knowledge, and more professional experiences with increasing public impact. If I had to note my strongest asset though, it for sure would be building genuine relationships, and helping others achieve their goals, find their voice. If you’re ever around and need a yoga or surf buddy or have nutrition questions, contact me… or send me some good vibes up in the air… we all need to be thought of lovingly and supportively. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!