Jennifer Bruno
300hr Certified
Miami Beach
United States

Jennifer was born in Colombia, raised in New York, has lived in Miami since 2016. Her yoga journey began 20 years ago exploring hatha-inspired vinyasa flow classes around New York City. She was captivated by yoga’s synergy of breath, music, and movement as a magical healing modality that never failed to bring her grounding and presence. After a 20 year corporate career facilitating organizational transformations, Jennifer took a sabbatical to complete her Jivamukti Teacher Training at Omega in 2016, where she deepened her appreciation for individual transformation through yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, kirtan, and Jivamukti’s remarkable global satsang.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, Jennifer is a certified personal and professional development coach who supports individuals to get clear on personal vision and purpose, make meaningful choices, and design values-driven lives and careers. Jennifer deeply believes that we already have everything we need to live our most fulfilled lives and uses yoga and coaching to help others return to themselves, their natural state of being creative, resourceful, and whole. Her teaching and coaching offers a warm, earthy space to play, explore, and heal.