Lucrezia Salzgeber
300hr Certified

Lucrezia started her Yoga journey in 2018, in the beautiful space of The Looking Glass Yoga studio in Basel. After having attended some rather disappointing workout-style classes elsewhere, she was immediately pulled under the method’s spell after having practiced Jivamukti for the first time. She resonated a lot with the holistic approach and her idea of yoga as being more than just physical excercise was finally met. And, thus, the spark was ignited.
Learning and growing with the guidance of her dear teacher Kristen’s heartfelt, grounding and loving style, she soon discovered the urge to share and teach as well and so decided to sign up for the Teacher Training in 2020.
The Jivamukti Yoga Method combines all of Lucrezia’s scattered interests and engagements – she so far felt torn between – in veganism and Animal Rights, philosophy, music, movement and body awareness and spirituality, all within a beautiful method, giving guidance on and off the mat to live in a more kind and compassionate way not only toward oneself, but toward all beings equally.
It’s a perfect match, really.